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We provide professional pressure washing services in and around Edinburgh and the Lothians.


If you are looking for a residential or commercial power washing company, please contact Eco Pressure Clean. We offer free quotes and are happy to provide in-person commercial consultations.

Sandstone is one of the main types of stone used for building in Scotland. Furthermore, it is known as a durable material but also naturally very porous, making erosion an issue if exposed to wind and water/ rain over time. However, if correctly maintained, Sandstone is a very stable building material – as shown by the many Victorian and Georgian buildings in Edinburgh. Using a pressure washer or wrong cleaner type on the wrong material can cause irreparable damage to your sandstone building. For example, a product that typically cleans red brick and gray mortar can result in colour loss on other types of brickwork. Consequently, understanding types of cleaning method can be complicated and this is where Eco Pressure Clean can help with Sandstone cleaning. We use systems specially designed in the construction business to ensure your precious brickwork is preserved.

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As full-service commercial and residential exterior cleaning company, it’s our goal to provide high-quality exterior cleaning services throughout Edinburgh, Midlothian and beyond. You can trust our experienced professionals to best advise you on the right cleaning service for your needs, from graffiti removal to Thermotech cleaning and pressure washing. From deck