Thermatech DOFF Cleaning Edinburgh

Designed to clean delicate surfaces usually without chemicals these superheated water machines are often specified by Architects for stone restoration and cleaning projects. Adjustable flow, pressure and heat up to 150ᵒC allows safe cleaning and removal of Oil, Chewing gum, dirt and flexible paints. Plus microscopic organic growth like Algaes, Lichen, fungus and mildew are all sanitised by the heat. Safe to use on Edinburgh Sandstone and Heritage structures we love our Thermatech machine and clients love the results!

Sensitive Stone Cleaning.
Building Cleaning Restoration.

The ThermaTech range of equipment is designed to be the most sympathetic cleaning system available. It produces superheated water at temperatures up to 150ᵒC BUT at low pressure. We use it for paint removal, building / masonry cleaning and paint removal. It works great on Scottish sandstone and can help remove graffiti too.



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